Over and under betting is a significant addition to football betting, which gives enormous flexibility in betting, irrespective of the game’s outcome.

When betting on football, several factors could come in your path as hindrances like- bad weather, injuries of the best players, or bad pitch. To cope with these hindrances, the latest addition in football betting is the over and under bets, also termed total bets. It comes with some magnificent betting flexibility, letting you bet on the game’s flow rather than waiting to reach the match’s outcome. This type of betting has also become a part of betting strategies that veterans widely use. This article discusses everything about this over and under betting and its qualities and how to master it.

Explain Over and Under Bets

When you wager on over-under bets, consider the number of points the match has seen. The betting sites for online football betting make odds, which are set as ‘total.’ Relying on this total bet, bettors should speculate whether the final score will be UNDER or OVER that number. Considering the over bet, you have to predict that the number goes upward than the total bet, and if you are betting on Under, the point should remain under the total bet placed by bookies. This way, you can win the bet, and all the odds are yours. This figure doesn’t have any connection with the players or the match outcome.

For instance, suppose a football match is going on between Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys. The bookies have set a total bet of 48.5 points. While betting, choose OVER if you think the concluding score will be forty-nine points or more. You need to opt for the UNDER if you think the score will be forty-eight points or less.

Mastering the Over and Under Bet

For mastering this type of bet, you need to do useful research. One of the crucial points is the defensive and offensive records. In this agenda, you have to research the defensive and offensive records of both teams. Calculate the median number of goals with the total number of matches held previously, and you can get the total from these. The second one is match importance, where you have to look into the contest and match your wager that matches the gameplay.

In such complicated matches, teams take extra defensive measures without holding the same method of attacking the opponent in the entire gameplay. Ensure that when you are betting on Over, predict that the team has a high chance to win. Otherwise, keep your head low and start betting on Under.


If a game goes overtime, don’t panic, the betting process remains the same. OVER/UNDER betting is based on the final score, regardless of the game concludes in regulation or several overtimes. For example, find NFL football matches in which most of the bettors take the chance to do Over betting because most games in the NFL end over time which is very friendly for Over bettors.

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