Find out the poker online lessons one of the biggest Canadian pros in the field has shared with us. Make sure to learn some crucial tricks from a player with 10 years of experience in gambling.

In an interview related with our Poker Online blog articles we have closely met a real pro from Vancouver, who was kind enough to tell us plenty of curious things about online gambling, but mostly about his practice in the field. This guy claims to have started his poker career back in the late 2009th year. One day he just woke up with the thought he no longer wanted to be underpaid and tired every evening coming back home from work with 3 hours leisure to use for preparing a dinner, tidy up the house, have a shower and then, go to bed to wake up early for work on the next morning. This is how this Canadian poker fan got motivated to turn into a real professional player.

Eventually, he became a real pro and during our conversation he shared with us the top crucial lessons he learnt about poker activity. Here’s more of this 10-year poker experience:

  • Poker should be treated like business. Indeed, our interlocutor actually earns his living from gambling, but he claims that as long as a punter accepts it just like a regular office job from Monday to Friday he will not be paid or satisfied enough with your new occupation. Playing poker online, instead, should be considered as your own business. You need to devote yourself to this business. Like all big business players do. And trust me, they spend more time in their business rather than a standard worker in his office.
  • Your stakes shouldn’t be predetermined by your success or failure from the previous hands. What the poker pro tried to tell us that it’s never good to get too high when you are on the winning side, or to low when you are on the losing side. The stakes and the blinds you call or fold, instead, must be predetermined by your poker strategy and playing style.
  • Being up to date to the latest trends in poker in general is a must. If you play the game via the internet, this obligation is even more crucial. The poker trends have been changing dynamically and the speed of these changes are mostly noticed within the online gambling platforms. Don’t expect for the poker game rules to change, but when it comes to other aspects of gambling you can expect new terms and conditions literally every day.
  • Our friend from Canada claims that there is no such a thing as a standard poker strategy anybody should follow. Actually, as a poker player with 10 years of experience in the field he can list dozens of different poker strategies. And at some point each of them is efficient and has its own weak or strong points. The thing is that different players suit different styles of poker. On the other side, there are lots of situations within a poker game that can require an immediate change of the strategy.

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